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BullenMarkt is one of the leading online stores for everything to do with the stock market: Our range includes several hundred images - and we are constantly adding more.

The name “BullenMarkt” is a play on words. A bull market, also called a bull market, is a market situation with generally rising prices on the stock exchange. Since the “BullenMarkt” mainly deals with the topic of the stock market and money, the bull is a fitting eponym.


Investing your money is more important than ever. Current low-interest phases, inflation and an outdated pension system are contributing to the fact that the savings book has had its day – new (but proven) ways must be found. The stock market survives everything! That’s why it’s the best place to build long-term wealth for retirement!

Our vision

“You don’t talk about money!” – a widespread misconception. Our images make the subject of the stock market and money accessible. Because these topics often fall by the wayside, many investors consider the capital markets to be inscrutable and inaccessible, while investment bankers make a killing – we want to change that! Anyone can make information-based investments.


We ourselves are experienced investors who deal with the stock market on a daily basis. The right mindset is part of rational investing!

Enthusiastic customers & private investors

Private investors and customers are enthusiastic about the range and quality that BullenMarkt stands for.

Years of experience

We live the stock market – this is reflected in the passion with which we manufacture our products.

100 % Made in Germany

All products are manufactured locally in Germany. Short delivery routes reduce CO₂ emissions.

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