Shipping costs

Why are the shipping costs so high?

The shipping costs arise because the prints are large, heavy packages: Large-format aluminum prints require suitable boxes to survive the transport unscathed.

Our products arrive in top condition!

Das BullenMarkt-Qualitätsversprechen

Added to this is the packaging material, which must be stable to ensure the safety of the delicate works of art. The aluminium plates are only 3 mm thick – sturdy packaging is essential to protect them from bending and damage. In the case of canvases, too, it is necessary to ensure that the packaging can withstand the stresses during transport.

We have already reduced the shipping costs as much as possible – we already bear part of the costs ourselves.

  1. Canvas from €5.40 – €17.90 (each additional €3.50 – €9.50)
  2. Aluminium from €19.20 – €29.70 (each additional €9.50 – €10.50)

Aluminum prints are packed with strong edges to protect the items. In addition, we wrap the item in bubble wrap/plastic for extra protection. They usually have higher shipping costs because the packaging is more difficult to design than with flexible canvases.

Our sustainable canvas prints are also packaged with strong edges to protect the items. We also wrap the item in bubble wrap for extra protection.

For larger orders of 200 € or more, we still offer free shipping in Germany and the USA.

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